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Artificial Intelligence has had a large and demonstrated impact on efficiency and profitability for many industries, but its power is only just now being utilized in health applications. AI systems in health must be unbiased, explainable, efficient, domain-specific and accessible to patients, practitioners, researchers and business users.

The research performed through the AI for Health Affiliates Program aims to address these challenges in human health by advancing domain-specific AI technologies in healthcare administration, healthcare delivery, wellness, and more.

Healthcare Administration

  • Natural language translations and understanding of medical terminologies
  • Recommendation systems for healthcare products and applications
  • Improved healthcare operations
  • Customer and patient satisfaction

Healthcare Delivery

  • Healthcare predictions
  • Clinician decision support systems
  • Drug interactions, repurposing and discovery


  • Social and medical networks
  • Understanding wearables
  • Mining search data¬†
  • Patient sentiment analysis
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